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Sex Toys - Top Picks for Men & Women

Sunday, 24 May 2020 4:31:05 PM Australia/Sydney

Believe it or not more people are experimenting with their sex life by using Sex Toys. Sex Toys have evolved over time and are much more pleasant and easy to use these days.

While the range can be overwhelming sometimes, here we list a few must have toys for starters, be it Male or Female.


Sex Toys For Women

When it comes to women, the range is enormous. This is probably because women are not shy in using these toys and men want to please their better half by making their love / sex life more sensual and erotic.

Be it the traditional dildos, battery operated vibrators, position enhances, vibrating underwear’s – sex toys have never been so innovative and easy to use.


1. The Rabbit Revolution

The rabbit vibrators have gained huge popularity due to their dual design. They have a vibrating and rotating design made in the shape of a penis with a clitoral stimulator attached. Rabbit Vibrators are designed to give more intense sensations over the traditional dildos or clitoral stimulators as they are designed for simultaneous vaginal and clitoral stimulation.


2. Eggs, Bullets & Balls

Small, compact and yet powerful.  The Bullets come in various shapes, sizes and modes of operation making them versatile and a must have in your bed room.

Kegel Balls or Ben Wa Balls have been traditionally used to strengthen vaginal and pelvic floor muscles. But they are much more than that, and provide a very high degree of sexual stimulation both for men and women.

These are easy to use and can be used alone or along with someone as a foreplay.


Sex Toys For Men

For years sexual stimulation and bedroom foreplay has been centered around women. But this has changed as more women take charge and want their men to experience the same amount of pleasure as they do. Men on the other hand want to have more control over their orgasm. So here are some must have for men


1. Cock Rings

Cock rings slow blood flow out of the penis which in turn keeps the penis hard and gives a stronger erection - what guy wouldn't want that? There has also been studies (but without any scientific proof) which indicate they cock rings help delay the climax.

This is the reason, these bad guys are on top of my list


 2. Anal Toys & Butt Plugs

The use of an anal toys or prostate stimulator can evoke an amazing sensation that cannot be achieved by using hands. Anal toys can also be used for arousal, masturbation or intercourse. Anal beads are used to produce an exhilarating feeling when they are brought out of the anal region. There is a vast range available in terms of price, size, shape, stiffness and the fact that these can be used by both men and women makes them a must have in any bedroom which is looking for some adventure.


Toy Cleaners

No matter which sex toy or product you buy, if you use it more than once then some cleaning and maintenance is always recommended. Luckily these are not at all difficult to get and we do have a wide range of these in stock. Click here>>


 Feel free to leave a comment or feedback. See you until next time..



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Why Use Sex Toys: Re-affirm Your Relationship

Wednesday, 8 April 2020 12:17:08 PM Australia/Sydney

Sex & Relationships

There is no denying to the fact that sex is an essential part of any relationship. For a relationship to last long there should be openness and friendliness between the partners. Unfortunately, this is not the case in a lot of relationships. 


Partners do not express themselves to their other half in the fear of being judged or offending the other person.  This may be okay for a while but in the long run it can be damaging for a good relationship. Different individuals have different sexual needs. One should try to please their partners for a good love session but it may not always be possible due to various factors like the expectation of the other partners or their ability to achieve orgasms. 

It is a known fact that women do not climax very quickly and clitoral stimulation is not the only way to arouse them. A man needs to know this hard fact. This is where sex toys come in the picture. 


Sex Toys to The Rescue

Sex toys are designed in such a way that they help you attain your physical and mental stimulation at the same time which may not be easy for someone to do without them. They help you enhance your physical intimacy thus taking off the pressure off your head which may otherwise lead to performance anxiety and have the opposite impact. 

You can either discuss this with your partner or surprise them with a cheeky gift to introduce your experimental half for your partner. The demand for sex toys have risen exponentially in the last few years just because of the fact that people are talking more about it and partners are being more open as to what they like in the bed. 


There is no harm in discussing your physical needs with your partner. 


Types of Sex Toys

There are a variety of sex toys that are available in market today and here are some of them which will help you enhance your experience. Some of the commonly known sex toys aredildos, vibrators, stimulators, and Penis sleeves. Bondage Toys or BDSM restraints have a huge demand with couples these days. 


Bondage Toys as the name suggests gives you a chance to experience your wildest fantasies by tying your partner with a Rope, Hand & Leg Cuffs or a Blindfold. It has been scientifically proven that using such toys stimulate your senses and may also help women have multiple orgasms.


Sex Swings is also very popular category. People would have seen the sex swings being used in movies but bringing them to youre bedroom takes your sex life to a different level altogether. These are very easy to set up and comes in a variety of sizes and uses 


Butt Plugs are becoming very popular between men and women equally. Anal Sex is something which couples hesitate to try just because they don’t want to hurt their partner as it could be painful. Butt Plugs are designed to overcome that fear. 

They come in various shapes and sizes which can help you to have gentle, mild or extreme penetration depending on your capacity & experience. These are designed for both men and women so partners can enjoy equally and take turns.


Take Away

Sex Toys may also help us boost your confidence and improve your sexual well being, thus leading to a stronger and better relationship. Recent surge in demand and the feedback from customers who use these products also indicates towards this idea.

Even if you have an enjoyable relationship, sex toys are recommended just to add more fun and an extra zing to your sex life.


Feel free to leave a comment or feedback. See you until next time..

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Stimulator Sex Toy Tips, Tricks & Techniques for Couples

Sunday, 17 November 2019 12:18:57 AM Australia/Sydney

Sex toys are designed in such a way that they help you attain your physical and mental stimulation at the same time which may not be easy for someone to do without them. They help you enhance your physical intimacy thus taking off the pressure off your head which may otherwise lead to performance anxiety and have the opposite impact.

Read More
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How to Choose & Use A Butt Plug

Tuesday, 25 October 2016 11:23:48 AM Australia/Sydney

A great way to start anal play and enhancing arousal is by introducing a Butt Plug. Anal play is a great way for solo or couples play to enhance and reach multiple orgasms as a lot of users like the experience and being completely fulfilled.


How to Choose

1. If this is your first time look for a toy that might be slightly smaller. No need to go for the largest bad boy on the market!

2. All butt plugs start smaller and graduate in size. This assists with the arousal and stimulation inside the anus. Don't fear the graduation of the item as it is designed for your pleasure.

3. Lubricant is essential and we always recommend an anal lube. They are slightly thicker in density and also work well within the anus to ease the butt plug in.


How to Use

1. Doggy: The easiest way to start is to be comfortable and bend over for yourself to reach around or your partner to insert the butt plug In this position it is the easiest to achieve.

2. Squatting: Standing with your feet flat and over the top of the plug. Ensure that you are able to insert with ease and lubricate the butt plug.

3. On your back: It is a good idea to slightly arch your back by propping yourself up with a comfortable pillow and spread those legs!


If one of these positions works best you'll find that is what you will go with most times with anal play. Once you hold the base of the butt plug (with lubricant on this also) position the tip at the opening of the anus. Once you are in the position angle the plug towards your stomach and gently push. At this stage you shall feel the plug enter your anus (or if you are playing with another person see that this is the position that is comfortable for them) and continue to push a little more until you have it fully inserted. Most anal play works well with motion and it will come down to you if you feel pleasure from inserting in and out. 


Now just remember that toys can come in all shapes and sizes. Inflatable vibrating plugs can also give extreme amounts of pleasure when you work into more advance anal play so be sure to keep your mind open to playing with butt plugs.

Comments | Posted By PD

Spider Porn Star Masturbators

Monday, 10 October 2016 12:56:24 PM Australia/Sydney

Ever thought of having some fun with a well known Porn Star? Well that oppurtunity is here with a great new range of Spider Masturbators. 


Online now and ready to ship are the new revolutionary hands free and realistic devices of the beautiful Megan Coxxx and Angel Long! These new masturbators give you instense stimulation and adhere your Spider to any smooth, hard surface with it's suction cup.


Tilt and move around for the most unbelieveable hands free experience of your life! The look and feel of the stroker is just as good as the real thing. So find out what it is really like to get inside a beautiful porn star today!

Comments | Posted By PD

Beginner Restraints - Sign Me Up Now!

Friday, 30 September 2016 9:21:02 AM Australia/Sydney

I am generally not a whips and gagging kinda gal but I had in mind testing out the Scarlet Couture Spreader Bar by Adam & Eve. Once a month or so I tend to get a bunch of new toys to test and for some reason I always kept thinking to myself "Should I get this bad boy to test out?".


A few months had gone by and I still kept wondering about this spreader bar so eventually my curiosity took over and I placed an order for it. Needless to say it is one of the most interesting restraints I've seen and also one of the most fun! After opening the box and getting this little surprise ready for my partner I realised that it is sort of awkward to get into on your own (so I do recommend some foreplay first to then feel like slipping into it). 


The bar is good quality and still quite sturdy for a rigorous play time! I do recommend the position of standing up and having both your wrists and ankles strapped in. The restraint does allow for multiple positions just depending on how flexible you are but that can be half the fun just working out what really works for you. So as a beginner in the bondage department I did enjoy the role playing and being submissive. The restraint is comfortable enough and is easy to use! As for spicing things up it definitely did so I would give this a 4/5 for a couples position enhancing toy as well.

Comments | Posted By PD

Satisfyer Pro 2 - Best Toy On The Market

Friday, 23 September 2016 7:51:55 AM Australia/Sydney

So I was given the “Satisfyer Pro” to test with my partner. As a lesbian and complete liberal lady I love my sex toys and was keen to try this one out. On initial impression I thought it looked weird and unlike any other sex toys I come across. The Satisfyer was really quite loud and staying with my inlaws with paper thin walls this was not ideal. It sounded a bit like a hovercraft to be honest. However, once you get past its hovercrafty sound comes wet heaven!


It’s stimulation is like no other vibrator I have encountered! Satisfyer Pro + correctly placed fingers or other desired toy and your legs will literally be shaking and toes curling it is that good. Both my partner and I have tried and tested the Satisfyer and come to the conclusion that in the right conditions (i.e sexy massage, candles, ideal foreplay and so on) this beauty could really produce the squirter in all of us (shall report back once said conditions have been satisfied and inlaws not one room over).



Ladies, if you think your fun button is broken, try this one, you won’t leave the bedroom for a week! PS I hear the updated model of the Satisfyer is a lot more quiet so this one will definitely be in for the win.

Comments | Posted By PD

Vibrating Panties = Naughty Fun!

Tuesday, 26 July 2016 2:58:49 PM Australia/Sydney

There can be great ways to get off without touching your lover. It can create a lot of hot steamy sex afterwards as well and one way to start foreplay can be with vibrating panties. Comfortable, sexy and yes of course with a vibe there has been no better way to enjoy teasing your partner.


Perfect to use any day but they also make a great gift idea for the woman that has everything! Our range of vibrating panties come in a range of designs and sizes so there will be one to fit your stunning lover! Be sure to try them out and increase that sexual energy at foreplay time.

Comments | Posted By PD

Introduce Bondage to the Bedroom with these 3 hot tips

Wednesday, 20 July 2016 12:04:29 PM Australia/Sydney

I think most people are curious of bondage and let’s be honest who wouldn’t after reading the Christian Gray books! Sometimes it can be a little daunting to talk to your partner to ask them gag you in the bedroom but here is some things we suggest to spice things up.


1. Talk about blindfolds - This is one of the easiest and first ways to build more trust and excitement. Blindfolds can create a deep intimacy with not knowing when or how you will be touched next.

2. Ropes - Made from skin safe materials ropes can be used to tie up your partner to the bed, chair hell it can be used for almost every type of restraint you can think of. Again, this comes down to trust with your partner. Try easy loops and knots first to get used to the feeling of being dominated and work your way up to more experienced positions.

3. Bondage kit - This can be a great solution when discussing with your partner. A kit will give you a great start with loads of accessories that you see if it is right for you two. A top seller is the Fetish Fantasy First Time fantasy kit which comes with blindfold, feather tickler, breathable ball gag, rope whip and love dice.


So be open about what you want to try out and get a little spicy in the bedroom!

Comments | Posted By PD

Tickle your fancy with Stimulators

Wednesday, 13 July 2016 3:38:04 PM Australia/Sydney

Everyone gets off on something different and that is what is great with stimulators. Our customers have found that with the choices available it is easy to find one that gets you aroused.



Some women find that stimulation of the clitoris is the most effective way to reach orgasm where others prefer G spot stimulation. A great suggestion to assist with ‘getting off’ would be to try a clitoral stimulator that is shaped like a tongue. The soft velvety and sensual design of the Kawaii 0 will excite and tickle your clitoris. Other great features is it is whisper quiet & rechargeable! So if you like clitoral stimulation and looking for a new exciting toy this one is for you.

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