Anal Douches and enemas are essential devices to ensure the highest level of anal hygiene. They are used to clean the anus before play to ensure that impurities are flushed out, ensuring a clean anal sex experience. Many find this process a highly erotic lead up to sex.


This not only ensures your play won’t be a messy one, but it helps you to relax into your pleasure. Many people like to douche before oral stimulation of the anus, known as rimming or analingus. Anal douching flushes water through the anus and when expelled, leaves it clean. Douches come in different sizes and shapes to suit all levels of experience. They are very easy to use even for first timers.


First of all you will need one of our Anal Douches.


Remove the douche from the packaging, rinse it and make sure it's clean. Fill the bulb up with water either by removing the tip and running it directly under the tap or by squeezing the bulb then immersing it in a container of water, allowing the suction to draw the water in. Lubricate the end of the douche and the opening of the anus then gently insert the nozzle. We advise doing this over the toilet as the angle allows for easy insertion and keeps the whole process clean and hygienic.


Once inserted, press the bulb of the douche which will result in the water being dispensed into the rectum. It will gently clean, removing any waste material from the lower part of the passage. Squeeze the bulb gently for slower water flow and more firmly for faster flow. Always start off slowly and pay attention to how your body reacts. Many people find taking things slowly throughout douching offers a better experience.

Remove the douche gently and hold the water until you feel the natural urge to expel it. It is advised that you repeat this several times until the water that you are ejecting runs clear. You can check this more thoroughly by flushing the toilet after a few rinses.


  • - You should not use anything but clean water in your douche.
  • - The temperature of the water should be luke warm and tested beforehand to ensure safety.
  • - Use your anal douche around 45 minutes before anal play for optimum cleanliness.
  • - Douching can remove the natural lubrication of the anus so it is important to use anal lubricant before attempting any further insertion.
  • - You will need to adjust the angle of your body accordingly for the tip of the douche to fit in. If you encounter any pain, then stop immediately.


If you require more help please don't hesitate to contact us via chat, phone or email.

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