We are proud to stock the new range of Hero Condoms. Since 2013 Hero Condoms have brought to the Australian market a classic condom that with a very important message. The difference between many other manufacturers and Hero Condoms is the 1 FOR 1! For every condom purchased, Hero gives one to a developing country to reduce the effect of HIV.

It is a shocking statistic that of every minute, of every day a woman is infected with HIV. The epidemic threatens an entire continent, impacting over 22 million in Sub- Saharan Africa alone. With this in mind and the risk of spreading HIV/AIDS Hero have MADE sex better with the 1 for 1 promise and this promise is saving lives everyday.

It is fantastic that a company like Hero have created awareness to Australian's and developed a brand that is giving back to developing countries that do not have access to this essential item. Hero Condoms are made from low odour latex and are 100% electronically tested. Hero's sustainable manufacturing processes are doing their bit for the environment! So Have Sex, Save a Life, Save the World!

  • - 12 Condom Pack
  • - 100% Recycled Box
  • - 1 FOR 1 donations
  • - Natural Rubber Latex Condoms
  • - Lubricated (non-spermicidal)
  • - Nominal width: 53mm
  • - 100% electronically tested

Hero Condoms are available in a Regular 12 Pack green box or Super Thin 12 pack blue box.

Hero see it as their responsibility to reduce their carbon footprint and impact on the environment. It all starts for Hero with the sourcing of latex. Natural latex is sourced by peeling a thin layer of bark off the tree: allowing it drip and be caught in a cup without significantly affecting the rubber tree. They do this within a 30 km distance of the factory; reducing the transport area.

The manufacturing plant uses environmentally friendly practises throughout the product of Hero Condoms including water treatment and recycling. Plus you will find that Hero Condoms are sold in a box mde from 100% recycled cardboard! No cutting down trees for this packaging. So, have sex and save a life in the world!

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