Penis Sleeves give your penis extra length and girth are designed to be worn during sex while . They are designed as one-size fits all and made from high quality, stretchy, soft silicone. Some include a vibrating bullet while others allow for trimming of the end for your own custom length sleeve.


The penis must be erect before inserting into the sleeve. Proper care must be taken while doing this and the use of lubricant is highly recommend.


When using a penis sleeve we recommend always using Water or Silicone based lubes. Oil based and Vaseline lubes should not be used and can cause permenant damage to cyberskin and other latex based materials, including condoms. We recommend the use of water based lubricants such as the Swiss Navy brand.


For example, the Cyberskin 2" Vibrating Extra Thick penis sleeve extends the penis 2'' (5 cm) and enlarges girth by .25'' (.5 cm). Check out our full range of sleeves here.

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