Introduce Bondage to the Bedroom with these 3 hot tips

Wednesday, 20 July 2016 12:04:29 PM Australia/Sydney

I think most people are curious of bondage and let’s be honest who wouldn’t after reading the Christian Gray books! Sometimes it can be a little daunting to talk to your partner to ask them gag you in the bedroom but here is some things we suggest to spice things up.


1. Talk about blindfolds - This is one of the easiest and first ways to build more trust and excitement. Blindfolds can create a deep intimacy with not knowing when or how you will be touched next.

2. Ropes - Made from skin safe materials ropes can be used to tie up your partner to the bed, chair hell it can be used for almost every type of restraint you can think of. Again, this comes down to trust with your partner. Try easy loops and knots first to get used to the feeling of being dominated and work your way up to more experienced positions.

3. Bondage kit - This can be a great solution when discussing with your partner. A kit will give you a great start with loads of accessories that you see if it is right for you two. A top seller is the Fetish Fantasy First Time fantasy kit which comes with blindfold, feather tickler, breathable ball gag, rope whip and love dice.


So be open about what you want to try out and get a little spicy in the bedroom!

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