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Beginner Restraints - Sign Me Up Now!

Friday, 30 September 2016 9:21:02 AM Australia/Sydney

I am generally not a whips and gagging kinda gal but I had in mind testing out the Scarlet Couture Spreader Bar by Adam & Eve. Once a month or so I tend to get a bunch of new toys to test and for some reason I always kept thinking to myself "Should I get this bad boy to test out?".


A few months had gone by and I still kept wondering about this spreader bar so eventually my curiosity took over and I placed an order for it. Needless to say it is one of the most interesting restraints I've seen and also one of the most fun! After opening the box and getting this little surprise ready for my partner I realised that it is sort of awkward to get into on your own (so I do recommend some foreplay first to then feel like slipping into it). 


The bar is good quality and still quite sturdy for a rigorous play time! I do recommend the position of standing up and having both your wrists and ankles strapped in. The restraint does allow for multiple positions just depending on how flexible you are but that can be half the fun just working out what really works for you. So as a beginner in the bondage department I did enjoy the role playing and being submissive. The restraint is comfortable enough and is easy to use! As for spicing things up it definitely did so I would give this a 4/5 for a couples position enhancing toy as well.

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How to use a Penis Pump

Sunday, 9 December 2012 2:37:02 PM Australia/Sydney

Penis pumps have been around for longer than you may think and are more than just a novely item. It's a known fact that they increase blood pressure around the penis which helps maintain an erection.


Penis pumps are essentially a vacuum constriction device, consisting of an acrylic cylinder and a pump (Fig 2). A ring is placed at the end of the pump which then fits over the penis. Pumping the device creates a vacuum and helps the penis become erect. The ring (cock ring) that gets placed over the penis helps maintain the erection and can be safely left on for 30minutes during intercourse. 


While this helps gain a temporary enlargement it does not provide a permenant size increase. There are potential risks when using a penis pump and caution should be taken. Risks include bruises, blisters and ruptured blood vessels.


How to use a Penis Pump

1) Place the pump over the penis.

2) Create a vacuum by pumping the air out of the cylinder. This vacuum then draws blood to the penis causing it to swell.

3) When the penis becomes erect, slide the cock ring down the shaft of the penis to the base.

4) Release the vacuum and remove the pump.


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