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Stimulator Sex Toy Tips, Tricks & Techniques for Couples

Sunday, 17 November 2019 12:18:57 AM Australia/Sydney

Having lustful & enjoyable sex is something that every person craves in their lives; some people hide their feeing while others admit it boldly. However, no matter what you do to your partner if you can not satisfy them in bed they would not be feeling completely satisfied and this is the reason why individuals are always looking out for ways and means to satisfy their relationship in the bedroom. One of the most exciting ways to do this is to introduce Sex Toys such as a Stimulator Sex Toy into your bedroom.


But what if you’re unsure on how to use Stimulator Sex Toys? Or perhaps you’ve never tried one before? Before you start, it's important to know how to use a Stimulator Sex Toy in order to achieve the most satisfying results, generally it’s not always as easy as picking any old toy, charge it (or insert good quality batteries) and press the 'on' button. If you have never bought one before, how do you know which type to go for? How do you use it during sex? Where and how should you use them so both of you feel as satisfied as possible? Read below for some tips & techniques.


Tips & Tricks

The first thing to realize is that are Sex Toys are now a regular part of many couples’ or individuals sexual routines. Using a Stimulator Sex Toy does not mean your sex life is not exciting, so banishing your partner's fear of insufficiency should be the first item to tick off on your list. Using a Stimulator Sex Toy is a fun way of reaffirming your mutual trust, making you more unbiased, intimate and confident with each other's bodies as well as a fun way to spice up your bedroom.


The next thing to consider is to get familiar with your Stimulator, take it out of the packaging, and find out how it works. If it needs to be charged prior to use, ensure it gets a charge overnight as this will allow the toy to ensure its optimal operation. If the toy takes batteries, find out which batteries and ensure you use good quality batteries and make sure they're brand new! We also recommend that you wash your stimulator well before using it. If it isn’t waterproof, be careful not to get any water near the battery case or charging mechanism to prevent potential damage to the toy. Also ensure the toy is free from any potential manufacturing defects before use, this includes sharp edges or seams, casing coming apart, any signs of prior use, etc. if these are present, please return your toy to wherever you bought it from.


After this, we recommend that you and your partner get comfortable with the feel of your Stimulator Sex Toy. Whilst the toy is turned off, run it along your partner's body, press it firmly against their skin and massage their muscles, ensure the feel is comfortable for your partner. If you feel that the Stimulator is not comfortable, perhaps you can try it with clothes on for a different feel, remember it's all about getting comfortable with your toy.

We recommend removing the batteries (if the unit has batteries) after each use to avoid potential accidental use of the vibrator without your knowledge, this can happen by mistakenly leaving the vibrator on or someone else getting their hands on it without knowing what it is, which may cause the motor to burn out. Extended periods without use and batteries inserted can also cause the batteries to corrode and / or leak from the toy casing.




Stimulator Foreplay


You can start by softly dragging your Stimulator over your partners most sensitive areas such as their breasts and nipples and the inside of their thighs. Although some people find that their neck, lips, stomach and even the inside of their elbows also respond well to the vibrations from the stimulator toy. When your partner starts to get aroused you can start focusing on their thighs and vagina. Keep teasing by gently trailing your stimulator around these parts, running it over the outside of their labia and above their clitoris until their body is crying out for more direct contact.


Gentle Teasing


It is similar to the Stimulator foreplay; except this time, you will be focusing more directly on your partner’s vagina but only making very light contact. You can start by applying the tip of the stimulator to the bottom of their vagina and gradually dragging it upwards and towards their clit. Once you reach the top of your partner’s vagina & above their clit, gradually drag it down. While performing this technique, your lover’s body will cry out for more strength, but do not give in just yet, try and maintain a “feather-light” touch for as long as possible!


Penetration with your Stimulator Sex Toy


Majority of the time a stimulator is mostly used for external stimulation, however if the toy is safe for penetration this can also be performed. Generally, if the Stimulator Sex Toy is deemed safe for penetration, it will be smooth with no rough edges and won't absorb bodily fluids. We always recommend using condoms over the Stimulator if it is used for penetration. Water-based Lubricant is also recommended for penetration using a Stimulator. 


Focusing on the Clit


To use your stimulator on your partner’s clit, move the tip of the stimulator above your lover’s clitoris and start to apply direct pressure on it; there are bunch of things you can do here:


You can push the tip of the vibrator into a particular side of your partner’s clit.


You can circle their clit slowly or very rapidly.


You can keep teasing them by softly applying minimum pressure.


You can rub it over and back towards their clit.


Test the Speed


Most stimulators have multiple speeds or at the very least two different speed options. We recommend to always begin with the slower speeds and work your way up to a comfortable setting for your partner. You may find that sometimes slower speeds work better than higher speeds on certain areas.


All in all, feel free to start experimenting with different techniques and most importantly, have fun! 


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How to Choose & Use A Butt Plug

Tuesday, 25 October 2016 11:23:48 AM Australia/Sydney

A great way to start anal play and enhancing arousal is by introducing a butt plug. Anal play is a great way for solo or couples play to enhance and reach multiple orgasms as a lot of users like the experience and being completely fulfilled.


How to Choose

1. If this is your first time look for a toy that might be slightly smaller. No need to go for the largest bad boy on the market!

2. All butt plugs start smaller and graduate in size. This assists with the arousal and stimulation inside the anus. Don't fear the graduation of the item as it is designed for your pleasure.

3. Lubricant is essential and we always recommend an anal lube. They are slightly thicker in density and also work well within the anus to ease the butt plug in.


How to Use

1. Doggy: The easiest way to start is to be comfortable and bend over for yourself to reach around or your partner to insert the butt plug In this position it is the easiest to achieve.

2. Squatting: Standing with your feet flat and over the top of the plug. Ensure that you are able to insert with ease and lubricate the butt plug.

3. On your back: It is a good idea to slightly arch your back by propping yourself up with a comfortable pillow and spread those legs!


If one of these positions works best you'll find that is what you will go with most times with anal play. Once you hold the base of the butt plug (with lubricant on this also) position the tip at the opening of the anus. Once you are in the position angle the plug towards your stomach and gently push. At this stage you shall feel the plug enter your anus (or if you are playing with another person see that this is the position that is comfortable for them) and continue to push a little more until you have it fully inserted. Most anal play works well with motion and it will come down to you if you feel pleasure from inserting in and out. 


Now just remember that toys can come in all shapes and sizes. Inflatable vibrating plugs can also give extreme amounts of pleasure when you work into more advance anal play so be sure to keep your mind open to playing with butt plugs.

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Spider Porn Star Masturbators

Monday, 10 October 2016 12:56:24 PM Australia/Sydney

Ever thought of having some fun with a well known Porn Star? Well that oppurtunity is here with a great new range of Spider Masturbators. 


Online now and ready to ship are the new revolutionary hands free and realistic devices of the beautiful Megan Coxxx and Angel Long! These new masturbators give you instense stimulation and adhere your Spider to any smooth, hard surface with it's suction cup.


Tilt and move around for the most unbelieveable hands free experience of your life! The look and feel of the stroker is just as good as the real thing. So find out what it is really like to get inside a beautiful porn star today!

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Satisfyer Pro 2 - Best Toy On The Market

Friday, 23 September 2016 7:51:55 AM Australia/Sydney

So I was given the “Satisfyer Pro” to test with my partner. As a lesbian and complete liberal lady I love my sex toys and was keen to try this one out. On initial impression I thought it looked weird and unlike any other sex toys I come across. The Satisfyer was really quite loud and staying with my inlaws with paper thin walls this was not ideal. It sounded a bit like a hovercraft to be honest. However, once you get past its hovercrafty sound comes wet heaven!


It’s stimulation is like no other vibrator I have encountered! Satisfyer Pro + correctly placed fingers or other desired toy and your legs will literally be shaking and toes curling it is that good. Both my partner and I have tried and tested the Satisfyer and come to the conclusion that in the right conditions (i.e sexy massage, candles, ideal foreplay and so on) this beauty could really produce the squirter in all of us (shall report back once said conditions have been satisfied and inlaws not one room over).



Ladies, if you think your fun button is broken, try this one, you won’t leave the bedroom for a week! PS I hear the updated model of the Satisfyer is a lot more quiet so this one will definitely be in for the win.

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The must have item in your bathroom - Toy Cleaner!

Monday, 11 July 2016 9:29:21 AM Australia/Sydney

I’m sure we’ve all cut corners with using that toy ultra quickly with just a flash of hot water rinse but I am here to tell you that you must always clean each toy properly. Toy cleaner is a must in everyone's stash of Sex Toys. When should you use it? I recommend cleaning each toy before and after use. It is always good to be careful with your toys as especially for us girls as we don’t want anything affecting our PH levels down below!

Toy cleaner won’t even break the bank most bottles range from as little as $5.95 for a 1oz bottle and that will get you a load of times cleaning your toys. So girls and boys make sure that you clean those utensils like you would your knives and forks!

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Glass Toys are just as much fun!

Monday, 4 July 2016 11:37:14 AM Australia/Sydney

Ever thought about trying a glass toy? I hear it from my friends often ‘but i’m just not sure’ or ‘won’t it be cold?’ and I wanted to put those thoughts to bed!


Glass sex toys have a lot of bonuses and here is a few to get you in the mood to try one next time;


1. They warm to your temperature plus if you want is warmer or cooler just pop in water for that extra sensation

2. The amazing styles and shapes - No other dildos look or feel like they do! Some of the great new styles get that G spot with the sleek design

3. So you like vibrations hey?! Guess what they also come in vibrating styles!! The Icicles Gold Edition #G08 is a sleek butt plug that is sensually taped to fit for your maximum enjoyment. The toy also comes with a bullet vibe so you can heighten every encounter with this bad boy


So why not try one of the beautiful and sophisticated Fetish Fantasy Icicles toys today!

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Why do some dongs or dildos have a funny smell?

Thursday, 28 May 2015 7:17:14 AM Australia/Sydney

This is common with some rubber dongs, particularly the Basix range from Pipedream. You have nothing to worry about as Basix dongs are proudly made in America by Pipedream products and are 100% phthalates and latex-free, environmentally safe and hypoallergenic

Read More
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Sex toy or dog toy?

Tuesday, 26 May 2015 7:19:19 PM Australia/Sydney

We've all seen sex toys and we've all seen dogs toys, yet some people still can't tell the difference between the two. They are both eerily similar with their unique shapes and silicone design but what makes an anal toy different to a canine chew?

Read More


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Get a Sex Toy Reviewers Discount!

Sunday, 19 April 2015 2:37:28 PM Australia/Sydney

Leave a review on any of our products and receive 10% off your next order with us! Products include sex toys, lingerie, bondage, lube, cleaner or games.

Read More
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Infographic: Sex Toy Statistics Down Under 2012

Tuesday, 8 January 2013 10:19:25 PM Australia/Sydney

Sex toys among Australian’s are now more popular than ever with 77% of those surveyed admitting to using sex toys, lingerie or bondage toys to spice up their sex life. For the majority it’s not just one toy either with 70% of men and women having more than 3 in their collection.

Not only are sales on the rise but 28% of users are buying a new toy every few months. Social acceptance of sex toys has been main contributing factor to this rise in sex toy spending and since the popular release of 50 Shades of Grey, Australian’s have really come out of their shell. Our survey results found that 25% of toy users have absolutely no shame in talking openly about sex toys.

Online shopping has also proved to be the most popular method of purchase with a huge 67% of users buying their toys online. With Valentine’s Day around the corner we expect to see a higher than usual spike in sales as partners opt for naughty novelties over chocolates and roses.

Check out our complete Pleasure Den infographic below and remember to like our facebook page for the latest in PD and Adult news -

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