Sir Richard's Condom Company presents Vagina Rules

Saturday, 19 May 2012 1:20:59 PM Australia/Sydney

In a recent video from Sir Richard's Condoms they call upon women to share their "vagina rules" or rules for what they won't put in their vagina. When we get to the root of this video (mind the pun), Sir Richard's are raising awareness for the lesser-known chemicals that are often found in condoms and lubricant. Sir Richard's condoms are of the highest quality and made with 100% natural latex, without casein (making them vegan-friendly), and with lubricant free of spermicide, glycerin and parabens. 

It's Sir Richard's mission to supply the world finest condoms and address the global condom shortage by donating 1 condom to a developing country for every condom purchased. They have also recently announced a donation of 500,000 condoms to Haiti.

We love this video and everything that Sir Richard's stand for. What are your thoughts on this recent campaign? Does it offend and imply that women choose lovers based on their job or is it simply raising awareness?



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